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D"Aych - “Movement Music Mixtape”

BY: Lisa Ward

D’Aych, welcome back home, you are one of Secdum Magazine’s veterans because you were in our very first year of publication, you remember?


Yes I do remember.  It was a blessing for me, as an independent artist from Milwaukee WI, to be on the same cover of Secdum Magazine as Dr. Tracy Randall and Bow Wow.  Thank you for the opportunity.  That was a great look for me, and I want to say thank you to Secdum Magazine for that.


You are very welcome.  That is what Secdum Magazine is all about.  Now since we last talked, you have dropped D’Aych Transformed. I must say I loved the project and the cover. What was the inspiration of the artistic creation of the overall project?



Vedo - The Next R&B Sensation
BY: Lisa Ward


Vedo, I truly think that you are an amazing artist, singer, songwriter and entertainer. I would like to congratulate you on signing your record deal. Who did you sign with and when can we look forward to your album dropping?
Vedo: Thank you I appreciate that! I just signed an independent deal with PPM (Platinum Power Moves). This label has been following my career for some time now, I would say 2 1/2 years. PPM first came to me when I wasn’t 18, and at the time I had a few situations on the table and wanted to keep my options open. PPM showed me that they believed in me just as much as I believed in myself. I’ve always said if something is meant to be it will present itself again.

Priest Tyaire -  Playwriter & Producer of Torn Between 2 Fathers and so many other

BY: Dr. Tameka “Doc” Wright

SM:  We at Secdum are happy to finally get up with you, Priest.  I have followed your career ever since your first play, The Tears of a Teenage Mother.   You have come a long way and I know your mother is just as proud of you as we all are.  How did you keep going after the death of your mother?

Losing my mom was definitely one of the hardest things for me to go through because I was very close to my mother.  However, I look at her death as a major transition in my life, because without a test, you can’t have a testimony.   

Kimani - Dreams Do Come True
BY: Lisa Ward

Kimani, it is my honor to have you stop in and we welcome you. So how are you doing and how was your summer break?  Kimani: My summer break was great! As some people know I spend all of my down time in Brooklyn, NY. So it’s always awesome to have that down time away.  SM: What is your major in High School?  Kimani: I actually study law (Legal Administration Assistant) and the reason why I do that is because it’s never a bad idea to have multiple studies just in case one thing doesn’t work out.


Carlton D. McConnell Founder and CEO of Round The Clock Ent


Hello, how are you doing today?

I’m thankful!  I thank GOD for every day that HE allows me to live and operate in HIS service and for the purpose that HE has for my life.  I pray all things are well with you.


Tell us a little about yourself?  Born and raised in mid-Michigan, youngest of 8 siblings. Graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a BA in Business Marketing and minor in Communications.


Now let’s talk about your company and what kind of services your company provides.

We are a family friendly TV, film, and entertainment content provider as well as a full service advertising agency.  We specialize in public relations, advertising, and branding.  We also specialize in producing live events nationwide.


Rob Jay Insights - Passion Leads to Longevity!!!

 You don't have to be a music industry genius to know that people who are passionate about what they do usually end up putting out the best product -- a product that stands the test of time.  These passionate people stand in contrast to those who do it for more frivolous reasons.  With that said, anyone looking to get into the music industry as an artist, producer, or writer should evaluate his motives for doing so. 


I meet artists all the time who honestly just want to do music to be famous, get fast money (so they think), or because someone else told them they'd be good at it.  In my humble opinion these are all the wrong reasons for doing music.  Breaking into the music industry and having success in the music industry are two totally different things; one can simply be all about hype and is short lived while the other is about building a legacy.  



Charles Orlando - The Recap of the Annual 30th Stellar Awards


The phrase used to be, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but the 30th Annual Stellar Awards produced by Chicago based Central City Productions and taped at the Las Vegas Orleans Arena on March 28, 2015 proved that statement to be untrue.  A record 1.1 million viewers tuned in to watch this celebration of the year’s top artists in the Gospel music industry. Hosted by the hilariously funny comedian and media personality Rickey Smiley and Gospel power couple David and Tamela Mann, this year’s awards proved to be one for the record books in its first visit to what has been called, “Sin City”. How ironic is that? Gospel artists, industry professionals, celebrities and fans converged on this bustling gambling town and the effects of the Gospel seemed to resonate throughout the Las Vegas metropolitan area; through charity events, artist showcases and in depth panel discussions.


Rob Jay Insights - Trap or Trend !!! 



It was around the year 2005, when Young Jeezy's Gangsta Grillz mixtape dropped, that I got indoctrinated into the world of radio, the music industry, and understanding how it all worked.  Before that time there was no "heavy" influx of mixtapes being pushed on a wide commercial scale.  Most artists were still making albums and actually calling them "albums" or simply making singles; but it seemed that Jeezy changed the game with his first Gangsta Grillz mixtape. 





CashFlow-Harlem- Brings "Rich Thoughts Poor Habits" & More!



New York City has produced some of the most influential hip hop artist’s in the world, but only a few have the power to maintain longevity in this unpredictable thing we call hip hop entertainment. CashFlow has gotten the respect of many historical hip hop entertainers and DJ’s. They say you become a great writer when you have been hurt or lose someone in your life. We as parents and adults never want to see our children face death at an early age, but sometimes that is the path to their greatness. CashFlow was faced with that when he lost his best friend to street violence on top of other tragic things in his life. He decided it was time to write. CashFlow was a part of a TNT television special at a young age where the producer noticed his potential and asked CashFlow what he wanted to do with his life. He told the producer he wanted to do something that would help everyone in the world. The producer, along with every person who has come in contact with CashFlow, saw the star quality in him. CashFlow is one who truly understands the history of hip hop, from the music to the fashion. He is not here to be a one hit wonder. He is shooting for longevity and making history. A lot of artists get into this business of entertainment for selfish reason, but not CashFlow. He is about bringing more momentum to the world of hip hop, and he is taking his community with him. CashFlow is here to give us the one on one inside scoop of what is to come from CashFlow.


By: Lisa Ward


Uncle G Records the power house Label  
Talks to us about his Journey to Success
By:  Dr. Tameka "Doc" Wright


STYLE that is EVERLASTING and CREATIVE, which sparks DETERMINATION within our UNIQUE individual MEMBERS​




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